Master Training

Training Title: A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Target Audience Description: A culture of continuous improvement is a method to empower all team members within an organization to continuously seek opportunities for progressive growth. It offers ways to communicate, ways to motivate and ways to execute thoughts into action.

Training Title: The Half Truths We Tell Ourselves

Target Audience Description: When we feel stuck in different areas of our lives it’s because we are not telling ourselves the whole truth about our circumstances. The truth is often too painful to deal with so we convince ourselves of otherwise. Doing this fills us with displacement, confusion, resentment, self-doubt and unproductivity. Learn to discover the whole truth about yourself so that you can incite change and pursue your purpose as a leader.

Training Title: Train Your Emotional Muscles

Target Audience Description: Once you’re aware that you have the power to manage your own emotional state, you can get better at it daily by training your emotional muscles much like your physical muscles.

Training Title: Serve and Return: Strengthening Connections

Target Audience Description: Back and forth interactions build a strong foundation in a child’s brain for all future learning and development. These same interactions with a co-teacher/parents help model healthy relationships.

Training Title: Inside Out: Check Your Emotional Space

Target Audience Description: Better people make better employees. This training identifies the emotional make up of your group of employees based on the movie Inside Out. When we understand that there are no bad or good emotions, much like there is no bad or good behavior only good choices and bad choices, we can thrive together as a team toward the ultimate goal.

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